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Green thumbed? Get guerilla gardening.

Latitude 53 is doing three summer public arts projects that you’ll be hearing about soon, soon, soon. Right now, we’re putting out a feeler for a Guerrilla Gardening Workshop that we’re hoping to offer in July. Interested? Drop Kelta Coomber a line at

Guerrilla gardening is an umbrella term for plant-based artworks that seek to reclaim abandoned public spaces. It can be both highly political (advocating for land reform, better environmental policy or greener urban planning) and apolitical (for so-called beautification purposes). It can be divided into three main streams:

Seed bombing is the process of throwing grenade-like bundles of soil, nutrients and seeds in areas that cannot be accessed normally. They can be thrown into those hard-to-reach places to make you feel like a green warrior.

Moss Stencilling is the process of using moss (either freehand or with stencils) to create temporary works on blank walls.

Guerrilla Gardening the process of planting flowers or vegetables in uncared for public or private spaces to make a space less toxic, more beautiful, and more functional (who wouldn’t want an infinite supply of zucchini? Them things are tasty!).

So here’s the question: if Latitude 53 put on a Guerrilla Gardening workshop, would you be in?

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